Co-Founder and President, Fertility Within Reach

Davina Fankhauser is an expert on policy related to benefits for fertility treatment and preservation. She advises patients and professionals how to effectively communicate with insurers, employers, and legislators to increase access to health benefits. As President of Fertility Within Reach, Davina testified before the Massachusetts Division of Insurance to advocate for MA to maintain a Benchmark Plan, (as part of the Affordable Care Act), containing IVF benefits, so regardless of state mandated benefits, IVF coverage will be provided in MA. She once again testified before the MA Division of Insurance in 2012, requesting Cryopreservation of Eggs be a required benefit for infertility. After this approval, Davina worked with clinics and created and presented Recommended Guidelines for Oocyte Cryopreservation to insurers. She is working with US Senator Ed Markey to establish a Congressional Caucus on Infertility.

Through her work, Davina has the privilege of witnessing patients and professionals become empowered advocates and change their fate and that of others.

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