Judaism has always had a focus on family. “Be fruitful and multiply,” is the first biblical imperative and probably one of the better-known ones too.  Today Jewish demographic studies focus on youth, marriage rates, and on trends in  raising the children. The process of having babies gets overlooked.  People who are experiencing infertility or other fertility challenges can feel marginalized at the least, isolated or stigmatized at worst.  With all the investments made in Jewish continuity and Jewish identity, it seems we have missed one of the most fundamental and timeless issues of overcoming obstacles to becoming parents.

How we begin to address this is an important question. Every community has different needs and different existing resources to bring to the conversation. Below are several options for programs that can be provided by Hasidah to build that conversation and promote subsequent help for those in need. Everything listed here can be customized in the ways that best suit your organization and community. We look forward to working with you to find the best opportunities and ways to strike the right tone for your needs.

Each program listed can be used to achieve one or more  of the following:

  • Build awareness about infertility and how it affects the Jewish community
  • Create a venue for those who are experiencing, have experienced or are close to people experiencing infertility so they can gain information and support in a Jewish context
  • Inspire the development of appropriate support resources and solutions for family building challenges
  • Prepare rabbis and other professionals to build sensitivity, reach out, and provide support to community members who are experiencing infertility




Build awareness and community support for infertility and family-building care in the Jewish community. Program audiences can range from full community programs to women only to people in the family building stages and their supporters.


Bring sensitivity and practical skills to your efforts providing support for people experiencing infertility and other family building challenges. Seminars are available for clergy and spiritual care givers, peer support training and medical care providers. The sessions can range from one hour to full day seminars depending goals and resources available.


Provide a safe space for individuals experiencing infertility and other family-building challenges. All sessions are facilitated by therapist(s) (independent or clinical) and/or rabbi(s)


Rabbi Solomon is available for speaking or teaching about topics spanning from the ethics of assisted reproductive technology to Fertility vs Feminism to traditional text studies. Contact us for a list of possible speaking topics and text studies, Additionally, all the programs above can be adapted into a speaking engagement or facilitated discussion.

To bring us to your community, please contact Idit Solomon at or 415.323.3226.