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An Introduction to Hasidah

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Hasidah is the voice of hope and compassion that raises awareness of infertility, provides emotional and spiritual care, and reduces financial barriers to treatment in the Jewish community.


Hasidah strives for:
  • More Jewish babies in the United States
  • Awareness about infertility and its affects on individuals and the Jewish community
  • Jewish resources to support people dealing with infertility
  • Affordable access to IVF and related technologies to build Jewish families


FAMILY (Mishpacha)

Family is the core source of strength for Jewish community and life.


Treating clients, partners, donors, and colleagues with care, compassion, and respect reflects the infinite value of every person.

WHOLENESS (Shlaymut)

Infertility is an experience. Regardless of the outcome, clients can experience healing, comfort and support while going through it.


Soon after being married, RABBI IDIT SOLOMON unsuccessfully tried to start a family. She experienced years of therapies, procedures, tests, enormous expenses, losses and a label of undiagnosed infertility. Hasidah was legally established within a month of her daughters’ conception. It was a statement of faith that the pregnancy would be successful and a promise to help others who were in similar situations. During secondary infertility and beyond, she remain committed to honoring the experience of others and being a voice of support in the Jewish community as a way to express gratitude for her own children.


Hasidah is the Hebrew word for STORK. The root of the word (Hsd) means loving-kindness. Storks have a long history of being associated with fertility, families and the arrival of babies. Hasidah was founded on the belief that one of the greatest gifts of loving-kindness is helping couples struggling with infertility to become parents.


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