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Preparing for the High Holidays with (in)fertility in mind


The High Holidays (HHD) are filled with themes and traditions connected to birth and fertility – celebrating the birth of the world,  the story of the birth of Isaac, and traditions of celebrating babies born in the past year.  This focus provides opportunities to build awareness, but can also be challenging for someone facing family building challenges. Here are some sermon ideas you can utilize to build awareness and sensitivity about infertility issues.

  • Hannah’s prayer for a child as the basis for all prayer
  • God’s power shown through control of fertility.
  • God’s connection to each individual being involved in the creation of each new life

Rosh Hashanah and Birth Acknowledgements


Rosh Hashanah is the day on the Jewish calendar that we begin marking the days of the year. The day is considered to be the anniversary of the birthday of the world. In light of this, many congregations include some kind of recognition of the new babies who came into their congregation over the past year. If your congregation follows this tradition, add acknowledgements that while we are celebrating these births and adoptions that have occurred, we also keep in mind those who are struggling with infertility. The world is constantly changing and being renewed, and so too we hope that their lives continue in ways that brings them joy and meaning, however their journeys unfold.

High Holidays and Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss is hard anytime of the year. During the High holidays, with focus on birth, pregnancy and infertility in the text, along with family gatherings and traditions can bring back the pain. Then their are memorials for lost loved ones, but not for the lost pregnancy. This guide for remembering pregnancy loss during the High Holidays provides ways for your community to support those remembering pregnancy losses. If not this year or at the High Holidays, it can be used for other occasions as well.


How To Cope During
the High Holidays

Fertility and
the Days Of Awe

A Sensitive
Welcome Prayer

Children's Blessing -
Kol HaNeharim

Tashlick for Fertility -
Casting away Your Fear

Sample RH Sermon

Family Building Blessing

Hannah: Hearing
in our Hearts

Introduction to Hannah

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