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Clergy are on the front lines of Jewish life. How you speak about family building and the care you provide to people facing family building obstacles sets the tone in Jewish community life. You are a doorway for people to come through when they need help and a microphone for advocacy and sensitivity. 

Supporting for your Community

Pastoral Care Resources for Infertility & Loss

For Your Community

  • Guest Speaker/Scholar In Residence – Jewish texts and tradition have a lot to say about family building, infertility, and the issues they raise. Rabbi Solomon is available for Divrei Torah, text studies, guest speaking or panel discussion on everything from infertility, spiritual care, family building options, reproductive issues, women in text, contemporary feminist issues and more. 
  • Have an idea for a program for your community? Please contact to arrange a time for a learning program for your community.


If you need help supporting a member of your community, please contact or call 415.323.3226 for more information.

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Education and Advocacy

Spiritual Care for Infertility

Spiritual Care Training – Strengthen your sensitivity and pastoral care tools!

Clergy play a critical role representing Jewish tradition and providing spiritual care to community members who find themselves facing these issues. This seminar demystifies the experience of infertility, explores the emotional and spiritual issues surrounding it, and provides tools for rabbis to support those experiencing infertility and other family building challenges. 

Please email or call 415.323.3226 if you would like to bring a Spiritual Care Clergy workshop to your community.

Holiday Resources

Passover Resources

Fifth Child at the Seder

Choroset Meditation

Sharing the Story -
Infertility in the Seder

High Holiday Resources

Too many to fit on this page! Please check out the High Holidays page full of ideas and resources for you and your community.

Building Awareness

E-brochures, handouts, signage in appropriate places help build awareness and let people know 1) Infertility is real an 2) there is support for people facing challenges having children.  Additionally, parents, friends and other can benefit from learning about resources in the Jewish community. Contact and get brochures, postcards, bulletin signs mailed to you or similar information for newsletters, websites and social media.

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