Why are you Hiding? #Purim

Purim is a holiday where everything is turned upside down.  Ruler’s are inept and common people lead. People and situations are not who or what they seem.  Masks came to represent the hidden themes of the story. The connection between Purim masks is often used today to talk about hidden identity or various private issues. […]

Finding Higher Ground

We’ve all had the moment(s). You are engrossed in something – working, exercising, conversing at a meal, folding the laundry while watching television – and all of the sudden a lightening bolt of a thought comes about trying to conceive. This is unfair. I can’t do this. This hurts! I’m scared. What if you never […]

Your Super Power

One of the traditional ways to deal with difficult situations, it to read Psalms. Infertility, for sure, is a difficult situation. Yet it is not a moment. It is prolonged. For many people reading Psalms is not comforting because they are not written in today’s language and unless reading them is your practice, they are […]