Happy Passover 2021

“Passover” is known by four names – the Festival of Freedom, Passover, the Festival of Matzah and the Spring Holiday. These four names are linked to four spiritual levels. The Feast of Freedom represents our physical freedom. Passover (sacrifice/shank bone) represents the ability to rise above our animal needs and do the right thing. The Festival of Matzah is about our intellectual freedom, our ability to let go and think expansively (think yeast that rises). The last and highest level is Hag HaAviv, the Spring Holiday when the earth comes back to life, which represents our freedom from fear leading to our renewal.

Experience with infertility, like many challenging experiences, can feel like slavery on some levels.  Bodies, minds, and spiritual connections can be tied up and feel out of control in many ways. Passover reminds us that opportunities are always available to free ourselves and ultimately that freedom comes from within.

May this Passover season help elevate you in freedom of body, mind and spirit and lead you away from your fears towards renewal.

Hag Kasher v’Sameach – Happy Passover!

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