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Hasidah is pleased to announce that we have officially begun piloting our funding program in Columbus, Ohio. We awarded our first grant to help pay for infertility treatment this spring. The couple has both fertility and genetic needs for IVF. They are working closely with us as we put all of our planning to the test and help make Hasidah stronger for all future couples to benefit.

In addition we have been receiving a steady stream of calls for support, information and referrals. From speaking to someone who has been through infertility treatment to asking advice about how to choose a clinic to seeking support while deciding to do IVF or not, people call us for help. We have also reached out to potential partners and been promoting our cause by writing and speaking about infertility in the Jewish community.

Fundraising needs

With the launch of our pilot program in Columbus, our first grant creates the need to start raising money for clients and our operations. Each IVF procedure can cost from $10,000 to over $30,000 depending on what is involved. Our goal is to start fundraising forward so we can have money available when clients are in need and to be able to plan our future   work building awareness and developing a support network. Please consider a generous gift today to help build Jewish families.

We have moved

Hasidah’s office is now located in the San Francisco Bay area. Our email, phone and address are current on the website. We will continue to support the Columbus community and are planning to expand our services into the Bay Area soon.

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