Hasidah Receives Giving Circle Grant

Hasidah is thrilled to be among the first grant recipients from the Tmicha (Hebrew for support) giving circle. Giving circles are a new trend in philanthropic giving where groups of people work together to make a larger impact through a shared giving process.  Kol hakavod (more power to you!) to our partners Priya and The Red Stone who share this honor with us and who share our combined vision for more Jewish babies.

From one of the Tmicha participants: “We have chosen to make Jewish infertility the focus of our first cycle, and are honored to be able to support the work of Priya, Hasidah and The Red Stone, three infertility support organizations working in different communities and different parts of the Jewish community. I hope that you will consider learning more about each of these organizations and the holy work they do, and consider a gift of your own.”

Thank you Tmicha!

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