If you are reading this, you survived Mother’s Day. And sure enough, now comes Father’s Day. Of course you were going to survive and you will continue to survive, but the reality of infertility is that it may feel like so much effort just to survive.  There is no book  “Thriving During Infertility” or “How to Succeed at Infertility.”  But is it enough to just get through this?

You deserve more than that.

Have you ever seen those social media posts with catchy phrases about thriving and not just surviving? Thriving is no small feat when you are experiencing overwhelming emotions and your body is fatigued from stress or treatment and on and on with the issues that come with infertility.  It’s not like there is a switch in your brain that can just change your attitude and it is all better. However, it is true that your attitude can have a major effect on your feelings and your body and you can work on adjusting the messages you tell yourself to move beyond just surviving.

Infertility is an ongoing issue that has ebbs and flows and usually more downs than ups. Your power is grounded in your belief that you will make it through. Emotions and circumstances will change. You can look at them like waves around you that you choose how to navigate. Even with doubts or realities of disappointing outcomes, even full of sadness, you can choose how you will respond to your circumstances and emotions.   Simply noticing your thoughts can do quite a bit of healing as part of your self care. Is it easy to do? Not at all.

You are not expected to *just get over it*, never be sad or scared, or to not deal with the difficulties of infertility. You need to let yourself feel your feelings. That loosens their grip on you and gets you out of survival mode and back into living. You also need healthy regular doses of thoughts that remind you that you will be okay. You are more than a collection of your thoughts, emotions and circumstances. You are what you decide to be.

Decide to take care of yourself and live your life.

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