New Years Babies

I’m thinking about babies. I’m seeing babies every day on Facebook. Babies being born to friends and wonderful former Hillel students. Babies being held by older siblings in those adorable posts that make us wish every day with kids was so smiley.
I’m also thinking about all the babies that are in people’s hearts and dreams and yet to come into this world.
I founded Hasidah four years ago because I had those dreams. I wished so deeply that the Jewish community had some kind of support to help me on my difficult journey toward child-having.
I’m lucky that my continuing journey includes children. But my journey continues. Hasidah is dedicated to building awareness about infertility, connecting people to needed resources and providing financial aid for treatment in the Jewish community.
If you have kids, take a moment to think about the miracle of that. Even on the hard days, the gift of a child is truly the most priceless gift you will ever get in your entire life. If you struggled to get there, celebrate and know that others are still trying. If you do not have children and want them, know that you are not alone.
In the last moments of 2017, please consider making a donation to Hasidah to help build Jewish families. To provide support, remove isolation, and bring financial aid to those who face fertility challenges.
Thanks to those of you who have supported Hasidah in the past, who continue to support Hasidah and who have made the vision of Hasidah a reality.
Warm wishes to you all for a happy and healthy 2018!

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