No Silver Bullet

Lots of news articles and social media posts say what to do to combat infertility, how to get pregnant, 5 ways to “fix” your infertility, or other simple solutions to painful, complex and difficult barriers to building your family. These articles may have some new research to share or possibly an intention to be helpful, but often thinking an easy solution exists leads us to more disappointment

Summary of the these answers: make healthy choices and seek support and advice. No silver bullet exists. Be skeptical of anyone who gives a simple “solution” or any advice without knowing a whole lot about what is happening in your situation.

To save you reading about the magical powers of walnuts, the new research on smoking, the ancient techniques that still work in the 21st century, the secrets to infinite fertility, and how you can take control of your womb/sperm/ovaries/reproductive health, here are the basics that summarize most of those articles:

Eat a healthy diet if you are not
Quit smoking if you are smoking
Lose weight if you have a lot of excess
Be kind to yourself if you are struggling
Find support if you are feeling alone

Notice that this doesn’t even begin to diagnose the majority of fertility issues or speak about treatment or other family building options. These basics alone take some effort to maintain.  No silver bullet can do them for you.

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