Just hosted the National Jewish Fertility Network video conference about adoption. Experts represented an amazing array of approaches – adoption agency, adoption support, law firm, and Jewish adoption advocacy. Indeed adoption is a very Jewish and beautiful pathway to parenthood. These experts helped educate Hasidah and others in the Jewish community supporting family building. We learned more about the benefits, issues, and challenges of adoption as well as how to support those considering adoption.

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man-facelessA couple very important articles have come up during the High Holidays featuring a topic in need of attention: Men and Infertility. So much attention is brought to women who experience infertility. In Jewish tradition, we hear about Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Hannah etc. We do not hear so much about the fertility challenges of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Elkanah, etc. Temporary as it may be, it is usually the women’s burden to bare.

But men face fertility challenges and infertility too.

One voice is not more important than another. All perspectives need to be at the table. So during the #10Days between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, as we focus on how we can improve ourselves and redirect our energies toward better aims, we will share the articles below to rectify the missing perspectives of men.

Childlessness On the High Holidays


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Rabbi Idit Solomon spoke recently at Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley. Giving a drash about the Torah portion “Toldot” that begins with a brief mention of  Isaac and Rebekah struggling to conceive, Rabbi Solomon showed how we often miss the significance of infertility in the lives of men and how it can cause a person to act in ways never imagined. In this week’s Torah portion “Beshalach,”  we read of the Children of Israel leaving Egypt. Rabbi Solomon will be speaking at Congregation Beth Israel in Berkeley connecting the Israelite’s path towards redemption with the struggles towards fertility.  See post below from Rabbi Cohen and an article about the need for more support for infertility in the Jewish community.

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Hasidah is thrilled to be among the first grant recipients from the Tmicha (Hebrew for support) giving circle. Giving circles are a new trend in philanthropic giving where groups of people work together to make a larger impact through a shared giving process.  Kol hakavod (more power to you!) to our partners Priya and The Red Stone who share this honor with us and who share our combined vision for more Jewish babies.

From one of the Tmicha participants: “We have chosen to make Jewish infertility the focus of our first cycle, and are honored to be able to support the work of Priya, Hasidah and The Red Stone, three infertility support organizations working in different communities and different parts of the Jewish community. I hope that you will consider learning more about each of these organizations and the holy work they do, and consider a gift of your own.”

Thank you Tmicha!

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We are thrilled to be launching our website and beginning the work needed to establish the Hasidah Foundation. There are many support groups and resources for people experiencing infertility, but we are starting with a simple focus – financial support for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).  The Jewish tradition values family building highly and for many people the financial roadblock to benefit from ART can be insurmountable.  We want to help.

This blog will provide updates about our progress as we establish Hasidah and share insights into the world of infertility and treatment.

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