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Financial Aid

Most people buy cars and many are able to afford a house, but they don’t pay for them out of pocket or in advance. Raising children is an expensive proposition too. The Jewish community offers financial aid and scholarships for preschool, camps, day schools, trips to Israel and more. The reality for people who need IVF is that being fruitful is expensive. Dealing with infertility is not planned and conceiving a child should not be a financial hardship.

Some Hasidah clients have already paid significant amounts for treatment. Some have run out of money. Some have significant student debt or little cash reserves. One IVF typically costs $24,000 out of pocket. Some may have the means in the long run, but not enough for a cash payment next week

Hasidah provide grants and interest free loans for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and related expenses when IVF is needed to have a child. Grants or loans range between $5,000 and $15,000. The amount given in any year is based on the availability of funds, which means funding is not guaranteed to all applicants. Decisions for funding consider financial need, the medical situation, and alignment with the mission to build Jewish families. Hasidah is open to Jews of all backgrounds and sexual orientation.

To learn more about the application process eligibility, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

Care & Support

Infertility and other family building challenges cause mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial and social stress. A lot of decisions, tests, procedures, waiting, questions, and losses happen over months and sometimes years.

Hasidah uses a five point spiritual care framework for programs and services that is based in the possibility for connection, hope, gratitude, healing and wholeness.

Peer programs include:

  • Monthly meetups (primary, secondary and for men)
  • Private Facebook groups
  • Affinity groups such as parents via donors, singles, surrogate seekers, etc.
Speakers and Programs include
  • Holding Hope (Clergy led programs)
  • Guest speakers on topics such as loss, coping, and medical issues
  • Stork Talk Instagram live chats
  • Yoga and mindfulness series


Hasidah staff is also always available to speak with clients to help find the most appropriate program to meet their needs.

Hasidah offers a monthly support newsletter and emotional and spiritual care resources on-line covering a variety of topics from coping with loss to making decisions. Text studies, meditation guides, program videos, and holiday resources are also available.

Resource Center

Hasidah has a collection of resources that address the experiences and issues people face such as difficulty making decisions, managing the experience with a partners, and trying to stay sane while waiting for pregnancy test results. They include meditations, articles, guides, first person stories, text studies, videos of past programs, holiday supplements and more.

Hasidah’s on-line support center include emotional and spiritual care resources that are available 24/7.  Infertility and other family building challenges are private and when medical procedures are involve, quite inconvenient. So these resources are available any time be it early in the morning or late at night.

Hasidah staff is always available to speak with clients to help find the most appropriate resources to meet their needs.


Education & Advocacy

Infertility is medical, personal, and private, which means it is ripe for taboos, stigma, shame, and silence.  Insurance for infertility treatment is rare. Emotional and spiritual care is limited. Yet millions of people are facing this every year. For the Jewish community the rates of infertility are likely higher than the 1 in 8 statistic. The Jewish community is also harder to participate in when facing infertility due to the focus on family and children.

Change happens when the silence is broken, when support is available and when resources are dedicated to help people facing these challenges.

Hasidah helps break the silence and increase sensitivity and inclusion in the Jewish community through the following:

  • Social media groups and posting
  • Clergy training and communications
  • “PSA” videos about sensitivity and supporting people facing infertility
  • Advocacy for insurance mandates and reproductive healthcare
  • Teaching and speaking engagements
  • Media publications

Watch a video

You made it to the bottom? Here a great video interview with Hasidah’s founder about how Hasidah came into being, what its doing and the changes it will make.


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