Weed, Alchohol and Infertility #NotAGoodCombo

A recent news piece from ABC news highlighted a study that found “When men smoke marijuana once a week or more, their partners are twice as likely to experience a miscarriage when pregnant, according to Boston University researchers who examined over 1,400 couples before they got pregnant”

The study is not final because it was not able to show causation and did not have peer review. However, “The research comes just days after researchers in China released a study that found a father’s alcohol intake may actually affect a future child more than a mother’s intake.”
More studies please.
Here are some real takeaways to consider:
1) Let the research play out if you really need hard evidence to be convinced.
2) If you are willing to considering common sense, weed and alcohol may not be best when trying to conceive. So lay off.
3) MEN! Yes, most of the blame and focus falls on women when the conceiving is not happening. Seems we might be overlooking half of the equation. This is showing that miscarriage rates may possible be quite influenced by male health. 


Men: take notice!

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