Weeding out Fertility

A recent article in Epoch Times shared many research studies that pointed a finger at the use of agricultural fertilizer (e.g RoundUp) with higher rates of infertility. Some of it is directly linked, and most of it is a very understandable, like the A=B, B=C so A=C. These ties include lower rates of testosterone, disrupted hormones, and rates of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which is one of the leading causes for infertility.

One doctor is quoted as saying, “The fact that environmental toxins are affecting fertility is no secret.”

It is not a secret. The National Institute of Health has many articles connecting fertilizers and infertility, or pollution and infertility.  It is truly a societal problem. However, our food system is entrenched in this problem and is not interested to make this common knowledge. In other words, nobody is doing much about it. Eating an organic diet does not remove these toxins from the air or even organic farmed foods that can get it from the air. In one research sample, 90% of the pregnant women had these toxins detected in their urine, which are related to a baby girl’s later fertility. It is a generational problem now in more ways than one.

It only takes one internet search to read about the connection of global sperm rate decline and environmental toxins and infertility. So next time you are wondering about how the damage we are doing to the earth or wondering if there is something to do, whatever it is, do it. Saving the planet means you are helping humanity to survive not just now, but by helping the future generations even come into being.



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