Hasidah and The Red Stone provide family building grants in Washington DC Area

Many in the Jewish community imagine building their family and the magical moments along the way. For some, however, having a child is difficult and those magical moments fade and are replaced by strains of saving for medical treatments or adoption expenses. In a joint effort between The RedStone and Hasidah, three grants have been […]

Hasidah featured in @EJPhil

The voice advocating for infertility support is growing. Please read the latest in EJewish Philanthropy.    

$500 Washington DC Area Fertility Grants

FINAL CALL FOR APPLICATIONS! Co-sponsored by The Red Stone and Hasidah, four $500 grants for individuals and couples in the Washington DC area for fertility and adoption related expenses are available. Applications can be downloaded at www.theredstone.org and are due November 2 (paperwork from doctors/adoption agencies can come later). Email amy@theredstone.org with questions.

#MothersDay Message

On the last night of Passover, the participants at the retreat I attended shared reflections on Passover themes. What were our journeys? What made us feel liberated? One woman, while describing the diversity of participants in our newly formed community, referred to me as a nursing mother. Me? Ironically, moments earlier I had leaned over […]

#IVFOverview – Great Introduction by @RachelGurevich

This recently posted article is a great overview of IVF for those considering treatment or for those wanting to understand what others are going through. This step by step summary explains a typical cycle and gives some examples of the variations involved too.  

#IVFContest Winners or Losers

A recent article published had strong criticism of an IVF clinic’s video contest. “[W]ho would use the pain of infertility as an advertising tool?” the author asks.  Infertility is a painful process and “fundraising” through a video can certainly feel demeaning and demoralizing. If done right, videos can grow awareness, however that is not the […]