Your Super Power

One of the traditional ways to deal with difficult situations, it to read Psalms. Infertility, for sure, is a difficult situation. Yet it is not a moment. It is prolonged. For many people reading Psalms is not comforting because they are not written in today’s language and unless reading them is your practice, they are […]

Light, Darkness, Light

You are receiving this message right in the middle of the Jewish month of Kislev – the darkest month of the year. It is hard to even write that without thinking about the darkness that can seem stifling during infertility. It can feel like one long winter. And technically speaking, winter hasn’t started yet. Long […]

Reproductive Healthcare, Baby Guarantee or Roulette?

Many clinics are moving towards shared risk or money back programs for IVF. This approach is being used for couples or individuals who are facing an infertility diagnosis and are told that their best or maybe only way to address their medical issues is through an IVF procedure that may or may not work. To […]

Hasidah Goes to Vegas!

Rabbi Idit Solomon facilitated a training in Las Vegas for Rabbis and other Jewish professionals who work with young adults including Jewish Family Services Agency. Participants learned about issues people face when struggling with infertility. They explored the emotional and spiritual trials that come up and how to address them as well as ways to […]

Does Marijuana Affect Fertility?

Marijuana is not an uncommon substance among today’s women of childbearing age. Many states have legalized the drug for medical use (Illinois made medical marijuana legal in 2013), and several have legalized for recreational use, and many patients have questions about marijuana usage. Studies have found that marijuana is one of the drugs most commonly […]

Hasidah couple featured in local news

Kentucky Derby, fairy tale massacres, and the trials of infertility. Learn more about Hasidah’s grant recipients Benji and Lisa as they share about their experience. Thanks to for their research into infertility in the Jewish community and shedding light on this topic! Louisville couple sheds light on trials of fertility treatment

Making babies… is innovative!

“Among the myriad programs supporting the next generation, Hasidah is the leader in actually building it.” It would seem natural that the first commandment, be fruitful and multiple, that one of our most basic human drives, to reproduce, would be front and center in the Jewish community for support and financial aide. Yet it has […]

The Big Freeze

Is egg freezing a good thing? A recent article in the Forward by Amy Klein explores the personal stories of a growing number of Jewish women considering egg freezing. Egg freezing  is empowering for some, a relief for others and scary for others. For cancer patients it ought to be a given option.  For the […]

A Time to be Born – A Sukkot Message

Traditionally called the Season of Joy, Sukkot is inherently wrapped in fertility. Historically and religiously associated with agriculture, Sukkot is a harvest festival celebrating the fertility of the earth. Living in booths (Sukkot) commemorates the Israelite’s wanderings in the desert. Their temporary and unstable nature also reminds of of how fragile our lives and the […]