Hasidah Goes to Vegas!

Some of the participants from Hasidah’s Las Vegas Infertility Awareness and Support Training

Rabbi Idit Solomon facilitated a training in Las Vegas for Rabbis and other Jewish professionals who work with young adults including Jewish Family Services Agency. Participants learned about issues people face when struggling with infertility. They explored the emotional and spiritual trials that come up and how to address them as well as ways to make their community more sensitive and inclusive. Thanks to the Las Vegas Board of Rabbis and Jewish Family Services Association for your support!

  • “Hasidah brings the all-too-common hidden heartache of infertility into the daylight of informed conversation and educated support.”
  • “This training is vital for clergy and other Jewish professionals because it offers a gateway to a certain level of empathy for those who are in the process of building their Jewish family.”

Let us know if your community could benefit from sensitivity and awareness training around infertility and other family building issues. We would be happy to arrange for a program near you.

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