#NotEndorsing #Just Saying

It’s a great day to introduce new political platforms.  One area particularly open to change is support for building families. Today one candidate said that tax credits for adoption and insurance coverage for fertilty treatment like IVF would be instituted in her first 100 days. According to Politico, no Democratic candidate is currently opposing any of these suggestions which also includes pre-K childcare.

Not opposing is not the same as endorsing. It is a beautiful and silent way of squashing legislation – just don’t endorse it. Since the primary races are starting early, this means we can start speaking up early and often to make this a platform for all candidates. And regardless of what side of the isle you are sitting on, this opens up the conversation about reproductive healthcare in a new way. Reproductive care is healthcare. Reproductive justice includes support for having a child. The biggest barriers to parenthood are financial and they include a lack of financial support for family building and the expenses of childcare for working families.

We can make this happen. The first step is to get the issue on the table. So keep talking!



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